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Boardary Skate Shop

Boardary is born from several observations in our city of Brussels. We started to see more and more women with a skateboard under the arm or cruising. One, two, ten… Something was happening.

And then are the facts. Tokyo 2021 was a milestone as skateboarding made its Olympics debut with a “Street” and a “Park” competition for both male and female athletes. Netflix released the movie “Skate Girl” in 2021. At the time of writing these lines, the latest issue of Thrasher Magazine (January ‘22) has Samarria Brevard on its cover. Promodels for women pros are being released by specific brands but also by the big names. Well, it’s overwhelmingly obvious now! And woman skateboarding is not a fashion, it’s a f***ing fact, here to last! And we’re very glad.

We saw that skateboarding could also become obnoxious at times when only guys gather up. Skatepark stories, anyways…

Yet, we figured that something was missing: a store dedicated to promote gear adapted to woman practice skateboarding but also to the many new products that are scattered in more generalist online stores.



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