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FAQ Truck and Fins

Trucks and Fins is an interactive website and PWA (progressive web app) where you can easily find skateparks and pumptracks around the world. Currently it's the world's largest skatepark directory. On Trucks and Fins you can also find shops, schools and cool places to stay.

You can use the filter on our map to refine your search and to look for certain features or obstacles. We currently have filters for: halfpipe, pumptrack, lights, bowl, miniramp, snakerun, DIY, Indoor, Fullpipe, flowpark, Ditch, RIP (parks that have been destroyed), Plaza street spot, Foam pit.

You can add public skateparks and asphalt pumptracks to the map by clicking on the "Add your skatepark" button that is located under the skate map. You can also add a spot by clicking here and filling out the form. The new park will be published by our team within 24h, after we do a spot check. You can only add public skateparks or popular street plazas! Want to sign up your indoor park? Send us over an email and we will get in touch!

Private (indoor) skateparks can sign up for an annual fee of 50€/year. This fee is used to help keep our project running and to keep are database up to date. Please send us an email if you want to add your indoor park to our map and we will sort it out in under 24 hours.

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