Travelling in the USA with a longboard - a never ending story

“We value experiences more than things, and that is what this lifestyle is all about”. It couldn’t be a better way to present you Shane and Katie, authors of the blog The Lost, in which outbreaking landscapes meet skateparks in this never-ending journey around the United States of America.

And it is where you can buy Shane’s handmade design longboards - one of them was accepted by the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum in California. Let’s find out more about this story that combines art, riding on longboards and a total sense of freedom.

Tell us a little bit about you: where are you from and when did you start to skate? 

I am a happy guy, always looking for adventure and fun. I am originally from Ohio (USA). I used to play football and run track, but I never picked up skateboarding as a kid. The first time I jumped on a longboard was in college. I had met some people longboarding in my dormitory and they asked if I wanted to try. I was unsure of the idea at first because I'd never skated before. I jumped on a flexy bamboo longboard and rode 3 or 4 blocks on super smooth asphalt without having to kick at all. That's all it took... I was hooked!

What made you choose to skate longboards? 

I have always been drawn to the chill cruising aspect of longboarding far distances. With the right longboard I feel like I'm surfing the cement. I like a bamboo/fiberglass longboard, because of the flexible material that really adds to the experience while carving and pumping. It wasn't until my wife and I started living on the road full time in 2017 that I began taking my longboard into the skateparks. As we travel, we see so many great skateparks. Before my experiences, I didn't think skateparks could be as big as they are or have such a good flow on a longboard. Many big vert skateparks with smooth transitions are great for longboarding and make for some perfect cement surfing!

We create hand crafted longboards and sell them on our travels

Your drawings are unique. How important is travelling to inspire you? 

Yes, my artwork is unique - thank you for noticing! Traveling full time is a great inspiration to my artwork. The places that we go and the landscapes that we see are inspirational, but our lifestyle and freedom is what encourages me to keep creating whatever pops into my head or whatever my hands want to paint.

Can you tell us more about your artwork?

Lost Coast Longboarding is our work and the brand we created. We create hand crafted longboards and sell them on our travels. We started our company by screen printing our own t-shirts and eventually started creating our longboards. The other side of our business is our blog, this is a documentation of our travels, adventures, and the skate spots we find. We have also been spending a lot of time and effort creating a YouTube channel @LostCoastLongboarding as well as the other social platforms.

Can you choose and show your favourite board drawn by yourself? And why is it your favourite?

Can I choose a favourite of my longboards?! Oh man, that’s a hard question..  Painting is when I am at peace, so they all mean a lot to me. But I definitely like some more than others lol.

One of my favourite design is our swirl boards. These mean a lot to me because I really enjoy painting them, and it comes very natural for me to paint in this style. These boards also mean a lot to me because one of my swirl boards (pictured) was actually accepted to the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum in California. Having my artwork and one of our longboards in a museum seems unreal and helps me remember that we are creating something great with Lost Coast Longboarding.

When did you start to make those road trips? And how far did you go?

We started our road trip in 2017, and how far did we go? Well, we haven't stopped yet.

Hard question: from those road trips you have made so far, which is your number one?

Well, actually it's all been the same road trip, so there is only one to choose from! We have been on the road full time since 2017. We have travelled thousands of miles and been through deserts, mountains, forests, snow, volcanos, jungles, big cities, small towns, and every skatepark we can find along the way! We have gotten to experience a lot and we've seen a lot of beauty. We've also been documenting our travels on our blog The Lost

We have been through deserts, mountains, forests, snow, volcanos, jungles, big cities, small towns, and every skatepark we can find along the way!

How relevant is an existence of a skatepark to make you go to place X instead of place Y?

Skateparks are very important to our travels, but not the #1 requirement. I love skating new parks, and when we travel to an area that has some good skateparks we make sure to check out as many as we can. But our travels are not limited by skateparks. We enjoy experiencing somewhere new, hiking, mountain climbing, and many other outdoor activities. And I can paint anywhere whether there is a skatepark nearby or not. Plus, you don't need a skatepark with a longboard. It's easy to find a good hill or some smooth streets in most places.

Can you point out the most surprising skate spot you have found so far? 

Most surprising skate spot so far? I have been surprised with how many AMAZING skateparks there are all over the country. But if I had to pick one... I would say that the Volcom Skatepark in Mammoth Lakes, California surprised me the most. That's because this was one of the first big skateparks that realized I could skate with a longboard. The Mammoth Lakes Skatepark is a huge skatepark with tons of organic curves, smooth transitions, and an amazing flow. Plus, the skatepark is set in the beautiful Sierra Mountains surrounded by the forest.

Your kind of experience is an inspiration for many people. What kind of advice do you have for those who want to have this lifestyle but for some reason just don’t go forward?

Living on the road is much harder than it seems. This lifestyle requires lots and lots of planning and thinking ahead, and often requires creative problem solving. We sometimes find ourselves in some crazy situations that the average person couldn't even come up with. Most days are great, and some days are really hard. With freedom comes independence, and that can mean having to figure out difficult problems on your own without depending on others. We value experiences more than things, and that is what this lifestyle is all about.

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By Manu Silva

Brandoa Skatepark: A Symbol of Progress

The Brandoa skatepark offers an array of fun lines and serves as a perpetual canvas for skaters to express their creativity The Brandoa skatepark, located within the Encosta do Sol parish in the municipality of Amadora, is more than just a concrete playground for skaters. It represents a promising sign of the changing times. After being overlooked for years, this plot of land on the outskirts of Lisbon embarked on a journey to combat prejudice while offering the local community a platform to showcase their diverse talents — be it in culture, society, or sports. Cultural diversity thrives here, with residents hailing from over 50 different nationalities. Within the confines of a skatepark, factors like colour, race, gender, or religion are empty words, fostering an inclusive environment. Brandoa, in addition to its cultural richness, boasts a landscape that is both geologically challenging and rewarding. Local enthusiasts fondly reminisce about the thrill of downhill sessions during the 80’s and 90’s when bearings were the buzzword, not only for skateboards but for rolling carts and various other moving objects. These were times of sheer exhilaration and wonder. It's against this backdrop that the local municipality decided to invest in a skatepark in a prime location, close to well-maintained urban landscapes, schools, a church, the local market, and padel courts. Designed and built by Wasteland Skateparks, the Brandoa skatepark offers an array of exciting lines and serves as a perpetual canvas for skaters to express their creativity. The seamless concrete surface is a major plus, and the obstacles have been meticulously crafted to deliver the perfect blend of speed and variety. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});   Accessible via numerous roads and public transportation options, Brandoa skatepark has also emerged as a result of community-driven efforts to engage with public authorities, consolidating local street riders into one central hub. The outcome is a vibrant and harmonious mix — of styles, of people, and of purpose. That said, the Brandoa skatepark symbolizes progress in its purest form. It stands as a testament to the power of community collaboration and inclusivity, transcending societal boundaries while providing a dynamic platform for skaters to pursue their passions and dreams. As the wheels roll on at Brandoa skatepark, it carries forward the legacy of resilience, diversity, and endless possibilities. Just try it and be a part of this journey. Visit Brandoa skatepark Find out more about Wasteland skateparks

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Exploring Arruda dos Vinhos Skatepark: A Summer Skate Session in Portugal

Embarking on our mission to skate every skatepark in Portugal, we arrived at Arruda dos Vinhos, a small town nestled in the western region of the country. Despite the scorching 30-degree Celsius temperatures, we were determined to make the most of our skate session at the local skatepark. Although Arruda dos Vinhos Skatepark may not boast the most impressive features, its basic setup and scenic surroundings provided us with an enjoyable afternoon with our crew. Arruda dos Vinhos Arruda dos Vinhos, located approximately 30 kilometers north of Lisbon, is a charming municipality in the Lisbon District. With a population of around 14,000 residents, this town exudes a peaceful atmosphere and offers a refreshing escape from the bustling city life. The area is known for its picturesque landscapes, surrounded by rolling vineyards and lush greenery. Despite its relatively small size, Arruda dos Vinhos has a rich cultural heritage and traditional Portuguese charm. While the skatepark may not be the main draw, Arruda dos Vinhos offers a scenic backdrop that adds to the overall experience. The town's natural beauty and idyllic surroundings make it a pleasant place to spend time outdoors. After a session at the skatepark, take a stroll through the town's charming streets and relax at local cafes. Interested in the wine scene? Don't miss the opportunity to explore the vineyards and wineries in the area, where you can sample regional wines and learn about the winemaking process. Arruda dos Vinhos skatepark The Arruda dos Vinhos skatepark, while not the most "remarkable" in terms of design, still provides a space for skaters to have some fun. Built with basic metal elements, the skatepark follows a simple back-and-forth setup, featuring a quarter pipe, a bank, and a jumpbox.  In conclusion, Arruda dos Vinhos Skatepark may not be the most remarkable skatepark in Portugal, but it provided us with a decent skate session in a beautiful setting. The town's scenic landscapes, cultural heritage, and welcoming atmosphere make it worth a visit for those seeking a peaceful escape from city life. While you're there, take the time to explore the local attractions, taste the delicious wines, and immerse yourself in the traditional Portuguese charm of Arruda dos Vinhos. Crew of the day: Rodrigo Simão, Margarida Cepeda, Purple  Visit Arruda dos Vinhos skatepark

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Bombarral Skatepark Tour: Transforming the Ordinary into something good

Continuing our mission to skate every skatepark in Portugal, our next stop brought us to Bombarral, a small town situated in the Lisbon District. Our attention turned to Bombarral Skatepark, which, to be frank, falls short of being one of the best skateparks in the region. However, with the determination to make the most of our visit, we gathered a special crew consisting of Tiago Miguel, Rodrigo Russo, and Rodrigo Simão. Despite the park's shortcomings and in need of repair, our goal was to infuse it with our vibe and style, striving to make something seemingly lackluster appear extraordinary. Bombarral Bombarral, with its close-knit community and modest population, offers a unique glimpse into the authentic Portuguese lifestyle. Nestled within the picturesque Lisbon District, the town boasts a tranquil atmosphere and a blend of historical and contemporary elements. While Bombarral may not be known for its skateboarding scene or extraordinary landmarks, its simplicity and unassuming charm provided a refreshing change of pace. We approached Bombarral Skatepark with the mindset of elevating it beyond its limitations and showcasing the transformative power of skateboarding. Bombarral Skatepark Bombarral Skatepark, while certainly in need of repair and lacking in standout features, became our canvas for creativity. Instead of bemoaning its condition, we took the opportunity to reimagine the space. We did our best to make even the simplest elements look remarkable. This skate session served as a testament to the power of a passionate crew, showcasing that with the right mindset and determination, any skatepark can become a platform for self-expression and inspiration.   While Bombarral Skatepark may not have left a lasting impression as one of Portugal's top skateparks, the experience in Bombarral itself was a reminder of the beauty in finding joy in unexpected places. Our visit to Bombarral Skatepark became a reminder that sometimes it's not about the quality of the park, but rather the spirit and enthusiasm we bring to it. Every skatepark holds the potential for transformation and self-expression, regardless of its initial condition. In conclusion, Bombarral Skatepark in the heart of Bombarral may not have ranked among the best skateparks, but it provided a unique opportunity for us to showcase the transformative power of skateboarding. Bombarral, with its humble charm and simplicity, served as a reminder that skateboarding is about more than just the location—it's about the passion, creativity, and camaraderie that can turn any skatepark into a canvas for self-expression and fun. Crew: Tiago Miguel, Rodrigo Russo, Rodrigo Simão, and Haroun Cherif Visit Bombarral skatepark on our marp

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Peniche Skatepark Tour: Surfing Paradise with Room for Improvement

Continuing our ambitious mission to skate and film every skatepark in Portugal, we arrived at Peniche, a renowned surfer's paradise located in the western coastal region of the country. Our next stop was Peniche Skatepark, unfortunately known as one of the worst skateparks in Portugal. Despite its lackluster reputation, we were joined by a dedicated crew consisting of Tiago Miguel, Buga, Margarida Cepeda, and Rodrigo Simão behind the camera. While the skatepark may not be worth visiting, Peniche's vibrant surf culture and picturesque setting compensate for its underwhelming skatepark. Peniche skatepark Peniche Skatepark, unfortunately, falls short of expectations when it comes to skateboarding facilities. Considered one of the worst skateparks in Portugal, its limitations and lack of quality hinder the potential for a remarkable skate session. However, our crew embraced the challenge, using their skills and creativity to make the most of the limited features. Tiago Miguel, Buga, and Margarida Cepeda pushed their limits, finding lines and tricks within the constraints of the skatepark, while Rodrigo Simão captured the action behind the camera. While the skatepark may not be noteworthy, the dedication and passion of our crew shone through, making the best of an underwhelming situation.   Peniche Peniche, with its population of approximately 26,429 residents, holds a special place in the hearts of surfers worldwide. Situated on a peninsula, Peniche is blessed with stunning beaches and world-class waves that attract surf enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. The town exudes a laid-back, coastal vibe and offers a vibrant surf culture that permeates its streets and waters. Beyond the skatepark, Peniche provides an array of experiences for those seeking sun, sand, and unforgettable surf sessions. Beyond the skatepark, Peniche offers a treasure trove of experiences. The town's historic center showcases its rich maritime heritage and offers charming streets to wander, lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops. Peniche's location on the coast provides an opportunity for breathtaking coastal walks, invigorating swims, or simply basking in the beauty of the surrounding nature. Surfers will find themselves in paradise, with numerous surf breaks catering to different skill levels. Peniche's vibrant surf culture, coupled with its natural beauty, makes it a destination worth exploring, even if the skatepark doesn't live up to expectations. In conclusion, while Peniche Skatepark may not be a standout destination for skateboarders, Peniche itself compensates with its vibrant surf culture, breathtaking beaches, and picturesque coastal setting. Surfers flock to Peniche for its world-class waves, and although the skatepark falls short, our crew made the best of the situation, showcasing their dedication and creativity. From the town's historic center to the exhilarating surf breaks, Peniche offers a diverse range of experiences for visitors seeking a coastal adventure in Portugal. Crew: Tiago Miguel, Buga, Margarida Cepeda and Rodrigo Simão Visit Peniche skatepark

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